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I. Conditions of Use

Accuracy of Information

While every endeavor has been made to ensure all of the information contained in this website is accurate at the time it was first written, the information may not be accurate at the time you view this site because of changes over time.

We cannot guarantee that it is free from error or appropriate or safe for your use.

We may change or remove any information posted without notice.

Please contact us to confirm the information shown.


The references “we”, “us” and “our” are references to the owners of www.hybrids.co.nz and the members of the team (permanent or temporary) working on research and development, design, building and testing the High Voltage Battery Testing Complex, its hardware and software, conducting testing of the batteries, procurement of equipment and components, and undertaking any other activities deemed to be necessary.

The reference to you and your is reference to www.hybrids.co.nz users, visitors, contributors, sponsors or customers.


Intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademark rights, to all the information, content, trademarks and proprietary HV Battery Testing Software belong to the owners of the www.hybrids.co.nz unless otherwise specified. You may not use or reproduce any part of the information or software nor are you allowed to alter any content without prior permission from us for purposes other than personal use or to the extent expressly permitted by law.

Legal Disclaimer

We regard that you agree that your use of our Site is at your own risk and that we will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of using our Site.

Neither we nor a third party contracted to us will be liable in any way whatsoever to any person, organization or company for any cause of action arising directly or indirectly out of the information contained in this Site. Further, we and third parties contracted to us are not bound in any way to offer, make available or provide any of the goods, products, solutions or services referred to in this Site.

Prices and Specifications

All prices included in this website are in New Zealand dollars. The recommended retail prices (RRP) are recommended only and there is no obligation for us or parties contracted to us to comply with the recommendation.

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact us for confirmation.

Security of personal information

We take reasonable and appropriate security precautions to prevent illegal access, loss, alteration, and leakage of personal information. We limit access to personal information databases only to special members of our team so that they may strictly manage and protect your personal information.

However we realize and bring to your attention that any personal information whether it has been encrypted or not when transferred over the Internet passes many interconnection points where it could be illegally intercepted and further misused by unauthorized parties.

Please do not send any personal information you deem sensitive over the internet.


At www.hybrids.co.nz we understand that your personal information is entrusted to us for specific purposes. We aim to safeguard and use such information we collect from users, visitors, contributors, sponsors or customers.

This statement sets out our policy for dealing with your personal information.

Personal Information

Personal Information is any information about you that identifies you, or by which your identity can reasonably be ascertained.

Privacy and our Site

The type of personal information we collect on our Site depends on how you make use of the Site.

When you visit the site, our web host provider may record your server address, domain name, the date and time of the visit and the pages viewed. Information collected about your visit to our site is retained for statistical and website development reasons and is not in a form which would enable us to identify you.

When visiting our site, you will not be required to provide us with any personal information unless you request information from us. In that case, we will ask you to provide contact details along with other information required to respond to your request.

The information provided may also be retained for product development purposes, and unless you tell us that you don’t want it used for direct marketing purposes, may be used for those purposes.

Why personal information is collected

We may collect personal information for purposes related to the development of the products, solutions and services or the grants, donations, contributions or gifts we may have received. Those purposes include but are not limited to:

  • Product development and market research
  • Receiving feedback
  • Responding to inquiries regarding sales of business, products, solutions and services
  • Marketing or promotional activities
  • Meeting our regulatory and legal obligations.

If we are unable to collect personal information we require, we may not be able to do business with you or the organization with which you are connected.

How do we collect personal information

Where possible, we will collect your personal information directly from you. This may take place in a number of ways, such as when you contact us and ask us to provide a product or service over the telephone or Internet.

Our Site may also offer interactive facilities, such as Contact or Comment forms, where personal information may be collected.

In addition, we may obtain personal information from third parties such as our contractors and regulatory authorities.

Direct marketing

From time to time, we may use personal information to inform you about our products, solutions or services or special offers and promotions that we think may be of interest to you.

Disclosure of personal information

It is generally our policy not to disclose information to external organizations.

In providing you with a product or service, we may sometimes need to disclose your personal information to the third parties specified in advance.

We may also disclose personal information where the law requires disclosing personal information or individual consents to us doing so. That consent may be written, verbal or implied from your conduct.

Ensuring personal information is up-to-date

We rely on the personal information we hold in conducting our research and development. We do everything we can to ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate complete and up-to-date whenever we collect or use it. This means that from time to time, we may ask you to tell us if there are any changes to your personal information. If you find that information we hold about you is incorrect, please contact us immediately and we will correct it.

Access to personal information by individuals

You can access most of the personal information we hold about you by contacting us. Access to personal information may be refused in a number of circumstances. If we deny or restrict your access, we will explain why.

If you send us an email

If you send us an email containing personal information, we will take reasonable steps to ensure the confidentiality of that information. Although we take steps to protect information received by e-mail, e-mail as well as any other electronic type of communication, transmitted over public telephony networks or Internet, including encrypted types is not a secure method of communication. If you are concerned about sending your personal information to us in this manner you may prefer to contact us face to face.

Resolving concerns

If you believe that the privacy of your personal information has been compromised, please let us know. We will respond to complaints as soon as possible.