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Hybrid Battery Testing Complex & More

We custom build in New Zealand and offer for sale the High Voltage Battery Testing Complex.

14-Channel Prius Battery Analyser with Charger and Load

We do Dashboards (Speedometer, Instrument Cluster) Conversions from Japanese to English for selected models (Click on links below to see our Youtube Videos).

For Dash conversions in New Zealand call us on 0279722088

Nissan Leaf ZEO & AZEO, Nissan Leaf ZE1, Nissan e-NV200,

Toyota Aqua, Prius ZVW30, Prius PHV ZVW35,

Camry Hybrid,

Mazda CX-5, Mazda Atenza

We can convert MPH to KMH on Hyundai Ioniq EV Dash

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  You probably have heard that wide-spread urban myth about Prius Battery, quote: “It is usually one failed module – change it – and she’ll be fine”. That myth is echoed by DIY-ers and by sellers of untested modules on eBay.
Looak at the animated GIF above compiled from 5 test results – 4 tests of the failed genuine battery packs from two Prius Z30 year 2010 conducted on our Battery Analyser and 1 load test of the pack rebuild from those still usable modules.  23 almost dead modules have been spotted in those two packs during 4 tests. Those are impossible to spot with voltmeter and very easy with our Analyser:

Watch Video: Prius Individual Module Testing with Digital Voltmeter (DIY method)

Watch Video: Battery Modules Manufacture Date Scan: Original, Swapped or Rebuild?

Watch Video: Battery Analyser 20-channels – Comparative Test of 20 Prius Modules

Watch Video: Battery Analyser 19-channels – Testing Cylinder Type NiMH modules

Watch Video: Testing Complex Main Blocks, Cables and Safety Alarms in action

Our Battery Analysers are deployed in New Zealand, Russia, Australia, United Kindom and USA.

You will get hardware, software, hybrid battery repair and rebuild know-how, method of procedure, and hands-on training directly from the Battery Analyser Inventor in our Lab, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our Complex is “the business out of the box”. It requires minimum space, can be set up in your basement or garage in a few minutes. It is unique and allows to start new business with quick return on investment.

If you are professional Auto-Electrician facing challenges of Prius Battery Repair and/or looking for the new revenue streams – you need our Battery Testing Complex

Battery Capacity Analysers are assembled in New Zealand from high quality parts and components made in Japan, S. Korea, USA and Germany.

Battery Capacity Analyser Main Functionality and Specifications:

  • User-friendly graphic interface.

  • Allows remote access, Remote Control and Audio-Visual monitoring.

  • Measured parameters are displayed in a manageable color graphic format. Visual comparison of individual battery parameters provided. Results are instantly displayed and do not require extra calculations.

  • Database warehouse functionality. Care of the Small Business needs: keeping the track of the clients, the test results, the individual batteries and battery packs.

  • Provision for further Analysis and Compilation of the re-assembled /rebuild packs from the individual battery modules.

  • Alarm System with Audio and Visual Alerts with individual setting (multiple parameters) and Automatic Cut-off Charge/Discharge Circuitry.

  • Multi-channel Temperature Control Unit. Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  • Electronic Timer.

  • Usable Remaining Capacity (URC) testing of the new or rebuild battery pack as well as Remaining Capacity testing on the individual module level. Test is conducted simultaneously on individual battery modules assembled in a series in a pack. Individual module controlled discharge for the Charge Balancing is also possible.