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Our Solar System

Our Battery Testing Complex is connected to 3KW Solar Panels.

Solar Energy is stored in the 6.4 kWh Tesla Power Wall Battery.

That makes the Battery Testing and Rebuild process even more Green by using energy from the Sun.

Solar Panels with Tesla PowerWall Battery Stats

One day Solar Production sample:


Q:  Hi can you explain self consumption vs consumption?

A: For example in October we used in total 576 kWh – that is from all 3 sources – Grid, Solar Panels & Energy stored in the Battery (being produced by Solar Panels). Solar System Production was 408 kWh;  Self Consumption was 321kWh – that energy was coming from 2 sources – Solar Panels & Battery. The difference between Solar Production and Self Consumption was exported to the Grid. Export to the Grid may happen for example when Battery is fully charged and there is no immediate need for power.

Q: In your January stats Solar Production exceeds Consumption. Does it mean that your power bill was zero?

A: Although Solar Production in January exceeded our needs, we have imported 25% of our total consumption from the Grid and exported 30% of generated power back to the Grid.