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  • We sell out tools (Analysers, Chargers, Battery Manufacture Date Scanner) and provide method of procedure, first-hand battery testing and rebuild experience, know-how and training in our Lab in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • We test High Voltage Battery State Of Health and Usable Remaining Capacity regardless of vehicle make and model.

  • If your Hybrid Vehicle was in the storage for too long and High Voltage Battery requires charging – we can charge it.

  • We buy and sell Hybrid and EV traction batteries.

  • We do Dashboards Conversions from Japanese to English for selected models – e.g.

    Nissan Leaf, Nissan e-NV200, Toyota Aqua, Prius ZVW30, Prius PHV ZVW35,

    Camry Hybrid, Mazda CX-5, Mazda Atenza

    Mazda CX-5 Dash – Japanese to English Conversion

  • We can test Toyota/Lexus and Nissan electronics, including hybrid and EV models and identify and erase trouble codes.

  • If you are wrecking Hybrid or EV vehicle – give us a call – we buy parts and batteries.

Terms and conditions apply.

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For Japanese to English dash conversions in New Zealand call us on 0279722088

We do not provide quotes via e-mail, do not call other people numbers, we do not TXT.

Prices are by negotiation and to be discussed usually over SKYPE, Watsapp, or Mobile.

We do not ship to countries which are not serviced by NZ Post International Courier – e.g. do not ship to Sri-Lanka. If your country is not on the NZ Post list – your only option would be pick up in Auckland, New Zealand and self-transportation back home.

We do not provide free consultations. We offer paid training in person in our Lab or via SKYPE.